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My name is Pinar, thanks for showing interest in my background.

My deepest passion has always been talking, writing about films and cinema. In order to pursue this passion, I have studied Media and Visual Arts at Koc University in Istanbul. Following my graduation in 2016, I started my own cosmetics company, Armesta Cosmetics and also, started working for an online platform on cinema called FilmLoverss as a Freelance Film Critic.

Then, I've started studying Screenwriting at University of California Los Angeles as the next step of my career and I started working as a development intern for Film Mode Entertainment, an international sales and distribution company based in Los Angeles. Then, I became a member of the Screening Committee right after working as a programming intern for New Filmmakers LA. You can find some examples of my work here and more importantly, we can hopefully get in touch to collaborate in the future!

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Mustang: Being Female where it is a sin

Mustang, the brand, is highly associated with the concepts of freedom and masculinity. Mustang, the film, narrates the lives of five girls that are far from being free because of their lack of masculinity. It is a very realistic film that can easily fall under the drama genre and that can also be referred as a melodrama. Despite the fact that director of the film, Deniz Gamze Erguven is a first time director, her decisions throughout the film support the general climate of it and can be claimed as appropriate.

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